The practice

305 Hartley Ave PO Box 608
City: coleraine
State: Minnesota
Zip: 55722

Primary Phone: 218-245-3614
Fax: 707-222-3614

E-mail: k1litchke@msn.com

Counties covered: Itasca, Portions of Cass, Portions of Aitkin, Portions of St. Louis


Non-Complex properties

Suburban properties in Grand Rapids, Coleraine, ……..$500

Suburban properties in towns having population less than 1000 necessitating travel to neighboring towns …… $550

Rural, non-water front properties located within 30 minutes drive time of the office…. $600

Rural Properties located 30 minutes to 1 hour drive time of the office…..$650

Rural water front properties up to 30 miles from the office.....$650

Rural Properties located an hour to 90 minutes drive time of the office…… $700

Quotes provided for properties located over 70 miles distance resulting in travel time greater than 90 minutes from the office.


Complex properties and/or values $500,000-$999,000

Base price starting $750  depending on the complexity. Please call or email our office for a quote.

Complex items include multi-parcel properties and water front properties located in remote rural areas etc.

Ext 2075 $125